"If Bayonetta were an actual person, then it would make sense to proclaim that her sexuality is a choice and that she’s an empowering female figure. But she’s not a real woman. …When looking at fictional characters like Bayonetta, you can’t disregard the creator."

“So. Bayonetta is a sexy character who technically goes around naked designed by a guy who is pretty sexist and coded by a studio of men who are all spending their time thinking about the types of sexy moves they want to see Bayonetta do. This for me is the biggest nail in the coffin.”

If Bayonetta wasn’t half as incredible a game as it is, I doubt there’d be anyone lining up to defend that monstrosity of a character!

Bayonetta and the Male Gaze « Go Make Me a Sandwich

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Preview of things to come.

jurphy, i am HYPE. ALL OF THE HYPE.


Preview of things to come.

jurphy, i am HYPE. ALL OF THE HYPE.

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Click the squares. Make sweet music. Holy mother of god. I will be doing this many many many hours.

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i won’t let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me




Halo: Anniversary sits on my desk, withering in the hefty faces of more recent Novembermas titles. This is supposed to be one of the most acclaimed, influential and compelling shooters of the last decade - so good, indeed, that it was deemed worthy of a total remaster!

So what’s up, Dave?

The IDEA of CEA was it was a REMAKE. What the fuck are they supposed to change? No, please enlighten me because I have NO IDEA. Were they supposed to add a new character? Change the plot? Was Keyes supposed to live? Are the Flood supposed to be pink and explode in a sparkling dust? 

I get where you’re coming from, and I probably wasn’t clear enough about what I was saying. Of course the storyline and the meat of the game is sacrosanct; that shit’s so fucking obvious I didn’t think it even needed saying. My intentions were more along the lines of examining the validity of the game’s existence. What is its value to gamers other than pure and raw nostalgia? What you’re essentially paying for is a reskin, with some cool-ass bells and whistles.

No disrespect meant to wanting to re-live past glories. For me, though, there’s not enough good stuff on that disc to warrant paying good money for this game when there’s a metric ton of sweet games bearing down on us right now.

Halo is a far more interesting and fun franchise than this, and it deserves a bit more than stop-gap releases, which reeks of Call of Duty, really.

Sorry if I come across as a bit of an obnoxious know-it-all or whatever, this is just how I’m best at communicating this sort of stuff. Thanks for reading.


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everyday i’m solairin’

everyday i’m solairin’

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Entire Tamriel Landmass built into Skyrim.


I didn’t know if this was posted yet on tumblr, so I thought I’d do it. The landmass of almost all of the provinces in Tamriel, has been put into Skyrim. All which are inaccessible(without console commands) and which serve absolutely no purpose in the game. Why are they there? I personally don’t know. But take a look at the effort Bethesta put into these seemingly pointless landmasses.

At the south-eastern most part of Skyrim lays Stendarr’s Beacon. 

If you’ve looked at a map of Tamriel, you’ll know this is the closest place in Skyrim, to Morrowind.

If you travel directly North East of Stendarr’s Beacon, you’ll end up finding a path to your right, in between two huge mountains.

I noticed how beautiful the path really looked. It seemed quite enthralling actually for some reason.

The path is nestled between two mountains, decorated with trees, and at the end of it some type of gateway, or arch.

But, that open archway is the end of the road. The game doesn’t allow you to go any further. I find it strange, that there’s an area like this leading from Skyrim to Morrowind. Nowhere in the lore was this stone wall mentioned. And why would it be an open arch like that? Why not closed? Why is there a space at all between these mountains if we can’t go any further? As you can see there are still trees and foliage beyond this wall, but you aren’t able to access it without console commands.

So, I went into No-clip like the BAMF I am and travelled down this path.

Landmass photos below. 

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Awwwwhells check it. You enjoy playing videogames without being treated like a dumbass? Mega Man.